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Contacting us

if you...

  • Have any suggestions or comments about the MDR
  • Have found errors we should know about
  • Would like to ensure your data is included in the MDR
  • Want to ensure your data is not in the MDR (we hope not)
  • Would like to be involved in the MDR's development
  • Would like to arrange a demonstration or discussion

or indeed would like to talk to us for any other reason,
please contact us
One of will try to get back to you as soon as we can.

Who are 'us'?

The team responsible for the MDR all work for ECRIN, as employees or consultants. They are

Professor Christian Ohmann - Overall co-ordination of the MDR project

Steve Canham - Data scientist responsible for data collection and extraction

Sergey Goryanin - Data scientist responsible for the web portal and data indexing

Maria Panagiotopoulou - ECRIN's data projects manager

Mihaela Matei - ECRIN's legal and regulatory officer

Jacques Demotes - Director General of ECRIN